16.10.2023 Brief report of the follow-up workshop on Aarhus University's DigComp experience

Stefano Kluzer
Stefano Kluzer
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As agreed with the participants of the June 16th webinar, yesterday 16/10/2023 we ran a follow-up workshop to go deeper into the four steps and the tools used in the Aarhus University experience with DigComp. In this experience, the Framework was used as a 'dialog' enabler and support tool in the revision of the University's educational offer to achieve the goal of "digital competence for all students" set by its current strategy.

DigComp is being used in the consultation of professors and other staff of the University's 5 faculties to establish a common language: 1) to discuss the expectations and priorities of student digital skilling development for future graduates (the four steps addressed in the workshop belong to this stage); 2) to assess the contribution of existing curricula to those goals and 3) to identify the actions needed to fill any gap in the current educational offer. 

Attached to this post, you find Mads Ronald Dahl's presentation at the workshop, with a final slide added after the last exchanges at the workshop about digital competence proficiency development (referring to DigComp 8 proficiency levels) through the education system.
In this Padlet, you find the four steps with a short explanation of what to do in each of them, and for the first three, the (downloadable) templates used in the process. The templates for steps 1 and 2 were tested by the workshop participants in a simulation exercise.
Here you have the workshop video recording, including the exchanges in one of the breakout rooms activated for Step 1 (breakout rooms for Step 2 were not recorded).

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